Complete Set of Programs

LUNGE: Develop a beautiful partnership with this completely unique program combining lunge, ground work and liberty.


SCATTERPROOF: This ‘bomb proofing’ program will train you - and your spooky horse, to stay calm and relaxed in any situation!


IN-HAND: Build in the buttons for Piaffe, Lateral work and Leg Extensions, to enhance your horse's ability without pressure.


DRESSAGE: Dressage demystified - finally! An easy to follow program to inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone.

  • Lunge Program
    Lungeing transforms into a beautiful dance as your horse becomes so in tune with you, mirroring your every move. Truly magical.
  • Scatterproof Program
    Did you know that horses think in pictures? Once you understand how your horse thinks, then you can help him overcome his fears.
  • In Hand Program
    Training in hand to set you and your horse up for success under saddle. Learn to Piaffe, Passage, Half pass and so much more from the ground up.
  • Dressage Program
    Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. Together we can take you to the next level... and beyond!