Our Lessons

Scatterproof with Senna
If your horse lacks focus or shows signs of tension, from extreme reactions, to more subtle contact issues or spookiness, or if you have a youngster you would like to start educating with ground work, this journey is for you.
About Senna
Senna is a spooky 16hh 6yo Bay KWPN Gelding. He is extremely tense and highly reactive to pretty much everything in his environment.
Our Goal
To build confidence and train Senna to relax and work without being in constant fear that something is going to jump out and eat him!
Lunge with Herman
If your horse lacks balance, engagement and suppleness, you will see a huge improvement through this journey. The connection and bond you will have with your horse working in ultimate self carriage - liberty, is truly magical.
about Herman
Herman, our ‘Mr Handsome’, is a 17hh 7yo Liver Chestnut KWPN Gelding. He is big framed so he can lose balance, and finds it difficult to lift his back and engage.
Our Goal
To teach Herman self carriage and 'lightness' on the lunge. Develop engagement, suppleness and balance to set him up for success under saddle, with less reliance on his rider.
In Hand with Jack
If you want to teach your horse piaffe, Spanish walk and other advanced movements in hand, as well as enhancing paces, this journey will show you how it's done. Be warned, it is highly addictive and once you start you will be hooked!
about jack
Jack is a 16.2hh 9yo Black Hanoverian Gelding, who joined us as a rescue horse following injury as a 3 year old. Jack is short coupled and tight in his back.
Our Goal
To improve suppleness and enhance overall gymnastic performance. To teach Jack all of the buttons he needs for advanced movements in hand, so he understands them under saddle.
Ridden With Fleur
If you feel stuck, at any level, this journey will inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone and freshen up your training. You owe it to yourself to try things you only ever dreamed of - you will be amazed at what you can achieve.
about fleur
Fleur aka ‘Ginger Rogers’ as she tap dances impatiently at turn out time, is a 16.2hh 14yo Chestnut Hanoverian Mare. Built on the forehand, she is not blessed with the ideal dressage conformation, and can get strong.
Our Goal
To lighten the forehand and use Fleur's natural forward motivation in a more positive way. To learn advanced movements and nail the tempi changes which are currently like a runaway steam train!