Training Programs

Lunge, Groundwork & Liberty
If you're new to Jenku's method, this is the best place to start - you and your horse are in for a treat! This program is much more beneficial than 'conventional' lungeing, as it combines ground work, lunge and liberty training. You will quickly see a huge improvement in your horse's lightness, suppleness & engagement. The connection you will develop with your horse is truly magical.
about Herman
Herman is big framed so he can lose balance, and finds it difficult to lift his back and engage. Our goal is train self carriage and 'lightness' on the lunge, and develop engagement, suppleness and balance to set him up for success under saddle, with less reliance on his rider.
What do our clients think?
"I don't know whether it is the music, the wonderful praise that Jenku gives the horses, or the enthusiasm with which he delivers his amazing knowledge, but these videos just make me so happy and feel like anything is possible with my horses. Thank you - I'm so happy I found you!" ROCHELLE GREY
Build a Confident Partnership
Trying to train a SPOOKY horse can be tricky - and scary. The good news is once you understand what your horse is thinking, you can you can control the way they react. You’ll end up with a horse that feels in control of their environment - rather than a victim. From extreme reactions, to more subtle signs of tension, this program is for you.
About Senna
Senna is extremely talented and sensitive which is what we want from a performance dressage horse. Our goal is to build confidence and train him to relax and work both at home and at competition venue, so that he will be able to cope with the big career he is destined for in the future!
What do our clients think?
"I am loving these videos. They are so joyful and positive for both horse and rider... encouraging for all! The concepts are extremely well explained and easy to follow." JO WRIGHT
In-Hand Program
This is where it gets really exciting! Learn how to train dressage movements, such as shoulder-in, half pass, piaffe & Spanish walk. In this program you will learn how to 'build in buttons' on the ground so that your horse knows the answer, before you ask the question under saddle - makes sense? Be warned, this training program is highly addictive - once you start you will be hooked!
about jack
You wouldn't know it now but Jack is a rescue horse who we saved as a 3 year old. He is short coupled and can get very tight in his back. Our goal is to improve his suppleness, enhance overall gymnastic performance, and to teach him advanced dressage movements without any pressure.
What do our clients think?
"Jenku's relationship with the horse builds on it's character, spirit and encourages true expression. This is what is missing from so many other training programs today." LISE LEBLANC
Dressage Program
If you can ride basic trot and canter, this program will inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone and freshen up your training. Learn how to break down movements such as flying changes, canter pirouettes, and piaffe into basic steps which everyone can follow. You owe it to yourself to try things you only ever dreamed of - you will be amazed at what you can achieve. By the end of this training program, you and your horse will have more moves than Jagger!
about fleur
Fleur aka ‘Ginger Rogers’ as she tap dances impatiently at turn out time! Built on the forehand, she is not blessed with the ideal dressage conformation, and can get strong. Our goal is to lighten the forehand and use Fleur's natural forward motivation in a more positive way, and to learn flying changes which are currently like a runaway steam train!
What do our clients think?
"Jenku knows exactly how to guide you so that you understand exactly what to do and why. My only regret is that I didn't start this training program sooner!" ANNE TURNER