About Jenku

We all have our own definition of success, but at the core of our living spirit, we all share a passion for horses.

Jenku is an extremely gifted trainer with a unique talent, combining classical dressage with a scoop of magic and buckets of entertainment.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Jenku specialises in innovative training techniques and his training clinics are highly popular worldwide.

Jenku believes in 'training the trainer' and has a rare ability to explain very intricate learning processes in 'plain English'.

Jenku approaches learning from a deep understanding on how horses and humans learn naturally. He specializes in positive reinforcement, learning theory, ground skills and riding skills as well as natural collection and trains riders and horses in all disciplines. Jenku’s positive attitude towards life and his passion for learning has inspired many 'ordinary' riders to accomplish extraordinary results with their horses.

'It is my quest to find a better, kinder way to train, and share it with others - for the good of the horse.'

Jenku’s unique combination of classical dressage, natural horsemanship, positive reinforcement and the mentality that 'there must be a better way' have led him to train with both amateur and top professional riders, all around the world. Since 2000 Jenku has presented clinics across the globe including; Zimbabwe, Malawi, UK, France, Switzerland and Canada.


In 2018 Jenku was touring the UK when he visited Mount Pleasant Equestrian in Cambridgeshire. The yard is owned by film producer Tracy Fall; ’Jenku is so entertaining. I love how he mimics what the horse is thinking.’
As the clinic progressed, more and more clients gathered to watch. Everyone loved it. As a thank you for such a wonderful enriching experience, Tracy sent Jenku a film documenting the events of the day. Unbeknown to her, Jenku had been searching for a film maker for many years, and so ‘Adventures with Jenku’ began.

Tracy, is a British Dressage coach, Inter 1 dressage rider and owner of our four horses. She is also a working mum, chief dog walker and lover of prosecco!

The horses each have very different strengths, weaknesses, and personalities. Jenku's unique approach has helped each horse overcome their weaknesses using four key training disciplines; scatter proof training, lungeing, in hand, and ridden. Each journey has a completely different starting point. Their paths cross over at times, but in the end the long term goal is for each horse to reach their true potential. Filming began in Spring 2019, and continued through each of the four seasons throughout the year. Within each season there are four 10min films per horse to show a development of a particular skill or exercise. There is no ‘fast forward button’ - you are watching a true representation of the progression throughout the year.


Jenku has changed the way we think and how we train our horses forever. We want to share our journey so that everyone can enjoy the benefits.

'It is better to be on the ground, wishing your were on your horse - than on your horse, wishing you were on the ground!'

Sometimes if the weather is terrible, or we’re not feeling 100%, we maybe thinking ‘I really don’t fancy getting on board as I know I’m not going to be riding at my best, which isn’t fair on my horse’. It's time to stop feeling guilty! Jenku gives us plenty of opportunity to train from the ground in these situations. Even in the rain and snow, we can work under cover in the stable, building in the all important buttons ready for when we are back in the saddle another day. No time is wasted, and it is a lovely way to bond with your horse.

If I have one regret it is that I didn’t meet 
Jenku sooner. Never in a million years did I think I would ever be aiming for Grand Prix - Jenku has made my dreams come true!

I rode my first affiliated dressage test when I was in my 30's - I was terrible! For many years Fleur and I stuck at Novice level believing we weren’t good enough to even contemplate venturing further up the levels. I’m not saying we don’t all need to work on our basics - but that’s the beauty of Jenku. He makes everything seem simple and easy to understand, even at the highest levels. If I had met him 10 years ago, knowing what I know now, I would not have been afraid to try new things and I would have gained much more experience at an earlier stage in my riding career.

Like most hard working horse owners, our livery clients find it difficult to find time to train, especially during the week.

I will often teach clients at the weekend, and before we start the lesson they look at me apologetically and confess they haven’t had time to work on much during the week. Jenku has provided us with a unique training solution. We now offer our clients ‘Jenku training’ during the week. So now we can work with the horse, building in the buttons in hand when the owner is busy, and the horse is already beautifully set up ready for their lesson. The results have been amazing and everyone is enjoying the progression in their training.

Since our Adventures with Jenku began, as a livery yard, we are all enjoying the benefits.

Using the skills we have learned we have successfully rehabbed a horse with a broken pelvis back in to work, trained a young horse to seek contact and work long and low without the need for side reins, and trained many of our clients horses the lateral buttons in hand in preparation for ridden work. Generally we have become much more in tune with our horses, and those that were once bargy and difficult to handle are now polite and easy to manage, which makes for a much safer yard environment.