learn from THE MASTER
World-class horse trainer, Jenku Dietrichsen will take you on an adventure, that will change the way you train for the better, forever. Choose your training program and watch the magic unfold!

Train from the Ground Up

Discover your horse's language, break down complex movements on the ground and claim your competitive edge under saddle.
About Jenku

Meet the Horses

Our training videos follow four beautiful horses, each on a different journey, for a whole year. Which will you choose?
  • Lunge Program
    Lungeing transforms into a beautiful dance as your horse becomes so in tune with you, mirroring your every move. Truly magical.
  • Scatterproof Program
    Did you know that horses think in pictures? Once you understand how your horse thinks, then you can help him overcome his fears.
  • In Hand Program
    Training in hand to set you and your horse up for success under saddle. Learn to Piaffe, Passage, Half pass and so much more from the ground up.
  • Dressage Program
    Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. Together we can take you to the next level... and beyond!


I’ve been lucky enough to meet some incredible people in the equestrian world and one being Jenku Dietrichsen, a man full of wisdom, passion and enthusiasm for horses.
GB European Team / Grand Prix rider
I have been training with Jenku for three years now. He has completely opened up my world to how I can work with horses. I’ve always practised and enjoyed in-hand training, so when I met Jenku and started working with him I really felt like I have been given so many new tools to use! All of my horses have benefitted drastically from the work, and I am absolutely delighted that with Jenku’s guidance and through his system I have taught four horses to piaffe from the ground, and I am now so excited to start transferring it to ridden work with him!
WSC Dressage
One of the BEST Mentors and trainers I have come to know. Absolutely Wonderful in what he does, Jenku's skills and endless amount of well researched knowledge is incredible. His passion to share and teach is unselfish. It is always such a pleasure to train with & learn from Jenku. THANK YOU JENKU!! TOGETHER WE CAN!!
Robyn Moolman
Equine Lingo
Absolutely amazing mentor and trainer. Love how Jenku always looks for ways to make training better for the horse.
Jo Lister
Horse About
Such a great teacher, knows what to do in all of the situations, he gives you something to work on and you can send him updates every week and he will respond and help you. Amazing!
By far the best coach in the world! Absolute MASTER horseman! And fabulous guy! Nothing is impossible if Jenku is coaching you
Beverly Jane Jackman
Bevlin Tack
Jenku is a master at understanding horses and how to get the best out of your horse in a kind, relaxed method, where your horse actually understands, enjoys the work and wants to participate and please you. He can also help you to help horses who have fear issues. It’s wonderful to watch and learn from the way Jenku works with both horses and humans. I see him as a translator, interpreter, negotiator, psychologist for the relationship between horses and humans. He is also one of the most patient and uplifting people to be around! I find it fascinating to watch the progress made in both the horse and human. Jenku will train you to be able to train your horse.
Mostly Magic
He is always so positive. He will have a way to help you.
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Jenku has transformed the relationship with my horse. I am beyond grateful for his gift of teaching and providing a language between my horse and I that we are excited to speak.